SDGs Response Policy of Fujita Kanko Inc.


Basic Policy

Since its founding, Fujita Kanko has followed its corporate philosophy of contributing to the well-being of society by providing hospitable services and places where people can relax, refresh, and revitalize, and continued to tackle initiatives for the environment, to address diverse values, and so on as essential keys to the sustainable growth of the company. Our initiatives align with the purpose of the SDGs (sustainable development goals), which is to create a sustainable society. We will continue to solve social issues and create a sustainable society through our business to help fulfill the SDGs.

To continue providing places where people can relax, refresh, and revitalize

= “Create” and “protect” them

  • Reduce the consumption of natural resources and promote resource recycling Learn more
  • Protect and make use of cultural assets and historical architecturea Learn more
  • Improve awareness to protect natural environments Learn more
  • Contribute to promoting cultures and local product sales by strengthening partnerships with local communities Learn more

To provide heartwarming services

= Securing diverse human resources and hospitality backed by professionalism, through physically and mentally healthy staff

  • Achieve the diversity and work-life balance for a fair and rewarding company Learn more
  • Implement enriched employee education to respond to diverse needs of customers' Learn more

To contribute to achieving an enriched and prosperous society

= Contribute to "sustainable prosperity" and "mental prosperity"

  • Contribute to sustainable prosperity by focusing on reducing food loss and establishing our own style of production and consumption Learn more
  • Contribute to the mental well-being of customers by providing opportunities to experience nature and places for learning Learn more

Priority Issues

Targets for 2025
(As of March 2023)

  • 1.Eco-cleaning practice rate: 50% on company-wide average
  • 2.The provided amount of specified plastics: 50% decrease (compared to 2019)
  • 3.The amount of waste plastics: 7% decrease (compared to 2019)
  • 4.Food recycling practice rate: A total of 68.7% on company-wide average
  • 5.Introduce a new system to respond to flexible work styles at all facilities
  • 6.Implement training about "barrier-free" at all facilities
  • 7.Develop and sell regional collaboration products at all facilities

Targets for March 2024
(As of March 2023)

  • 8.The ratio of management position for women: 17% or higher
  • 9.Train women in general management and department management positions
  • 10.The rate of female employees who will have worked in the company for 6 to 8 years by 2024
     (those who joined the company in 2017 to 2019): 60% or higher
  • 11.The rate of childcare leave acquisition for both male and female employees: 80% or higher
  • 12.Strengthen systems to continue long careers [Build a communication-oriented environment]
  • 13.Conduct workplace tours for employees' children
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