Tempura. The popular Japanese fried delicacy.

Golden crisp tempura is one of the most popular Japanese dishes among foreign visitors in Japan. In fact, it nearly ranks with sushi and soba noodles.

Tempura has its origins in a Portuguese dish introduced during the Edo period (17th to 18th centuries). It evolved into a local Edo (now Tokyo) dish served at yatai stalls and only became recognized as Japanese cuisine after it began appearing at restaurants in the 19th century.
High oil temperatures hold the key to good tempura because it quickly evaporates the moisture from ingredients and captures the flavors inside.

Tempura is surprisingly healthy for a fried dish due to its fresh seasonal ingredients, absence of meat and the use of sesame oil or other plant oil for frying. In autumn, fragrant matsutake pine mushrooms, fatty hamo daggertooth pike conger, ginkgo nuts and chestnuts are excellent choices. In winter, nothing beats savory crab tempura.
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