Summer isn’t summer without beer and edamame!

While drinking alcohol in Japan, people love to nibble on edamame (immature soybeans in the pod). This summer vegetable has been enjoyed for over 1000 years and was already a popular fast food in the Edo period (17th - 19th centuries).

In recent years, edamame has become a popular overseas snack because of its fresh flavor and the novel pleasure of popping beans from pods as you eat. Edamame are commonly prepared by boiling them in salt water, but they can also be steamed, mashed and sprinkled on rice cakes, or added to salads. Nutritious and high in protein, they taste great with beer, contain amino acids that help break down alcohol, and are considered a superfood effective against summer fatigue.

Savor edamame with authentic, refined Japanese cuisine at Taikoen in Osaka. Or relish them with beer at Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel’s casual Spanish restaurant bar. There’s no better way to experience the fun and flavor of edamame!

■ Taikoen (Osaka)
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■ Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel
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