Relax outdoors while enjoying a nodate tea ceremony

Outdoor tea ceremonies known as nodate began in the 16 century when Japanese military commanders on hunting and war expeditions drank tea with their lunch. Renowned tea master Sen no Rikyu later refined the practice, which continues to be enjoyed today by those who appreciate casually drinking outdoors while observing nature.
In Kyoto, you can experience a nodate tea ceremony on April 9 near Nijo-jo Castle, a World Heritage Site, if the weather permits. The ceremony takes place every year in beautiful Seiryuen Garden, which is usually closed to the public and features over 380 blooming cherry trees that release floating petals with every breeze. Reservations are required in advance.

In Tokyo, even beginners can enjoy nodate tea ceremonies every autumn during the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony at historic Hama-rikyu Garden near Ginza. Here, green tea and Japanese sweets are served near seasonal blooming flowers.
Nodate tea ceremonies take place at various sites throughout the country. So be sure to experience one when you visit Japan!

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