Rakugo – Gleeful storytelling the Japanese way.

Rakugo storytelling has long brought laughter to Japanese. First practiced by street performers in 17th century Kyoto, it spread nationwide by the 19th century and has been handed down by the oral tradition of masters ever since.

Rakugo stories mainly focus on ordinary, everyday topics and are told by a master storyteller with a paper fan as his only prop. He tells the story with a unique rhythm while amusingly impersonating multiple characters with different tones of voice and gestures representing, eating, drinking, etc.
There are various schools of rakugo where storytellers earn rankings of zenza (opening-act), futatsume (semi-professional) or shin-uchi (professional) depending on their skills. Both classic and creative genres use wide-ranging amusing stories and real-life anecdotes. Foreigners are even starting to popularize rakugo in English.

When visiting Japan, you can experience “kamigata” rakugo in Osaka or “Edo rakugo” in Tokyo at theaters near Fujita Kanko Group hotels sure to enhance the pleasure of your stay.

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