Opening Ceremony! Sumida river fireworks show plan will be released

■25th July 2018(Wed)GRAND OPEN
Japanese Restaurant ORIGAMI Asakusa
Japanese restaurant ORIGAMI Asakusa operated by Fujita Kanko co. [Location: Tokyo Taitoku Store manager: Kitahara Katsutoshi] To celebrate the opening of our restaurant we planning to provide a special course to enjoy your meal and watching Sumida river fireworks on the 28th of July (Sat), we will release it for this year's open memorial price.
<As our restaurant is located in the front of Sumida river you can enjoy the two separate fireworks location from the roof top of our restaurant>
After enjoying your special course you can watch (standing) the fireworks from the rooftop at the beautiful night sky.
<Date and Cost>
Date: 28 July 2018(Sat) advance reservation is required.
Schedule: Entering: 16:00~16:30 Meal:17:00~19:00 Fireworks show:19:00~
Cost: Per one person 15,000JPY(Primary school and older), Infant(3 old~5 old) Kids meal 5,000JYP ※tax included. Free under 3 years old.
Reservation reception: Start from 16 July 2018(Mon). TLE: 03-5811-1755 for reservation only.
Food: Japanese cuisine course is including your choice of Sushi or Seafood Japanese rice pot, and the Main dish (Black Japanese beef shabushabu or Beef hotpot).
One drink (Soft drink or alcohol drink)
Our restaurant will be open in the most popular tourist spot near to Asakusa station. You can enjoy the real halal Japanese cuisine that we provide without using alcohol or any ingredients of pig extract. More than half of our staff are foreigners can speak more than one language, and we have a Muslim staff, People of various countries and also Japanese can enjoy our authentic Japanese cuisine.

Japanese course cuisine (Appetizers are likely to change)
【 Japanese restaurant ORIGAMI Asakusa outline】
Address: TokyoTo, Daito Ku, Hanakawado1-2-8 (Tokyo metro Ginza line、Toei Asakusa line, Asakusa St 2 min along the sumidagawa park)
Number of seat: 1st floor 24 seat(One private room with 8 seats),2nd floor 22 seat, Counter 6 seats, Total 46 seats
Grand open: 25th of July 2018 03-5811-1755 (Fireworks plan reservation start on the 16th of Jul from 13:00)
Media Inquiries
112-8664 Tokyoto, Bunkyoky, Sekiguchi 2-10-8
Fujita Kanko co. Business promotion person in charge Kurosawa Hiromu
Tel: 03-5981-7760

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