So much to enjoy in warm Okinawa

You could say that Okinawa is the warmest place in Japan in terms of both hospitality and climate. When you arrive in Okinawa, the locals will greet you with the word “mensore” (welcome), which is part of the Ryukyuan language, instead of the traditional Japanese greeting “yokoso”. While now part of Japan, Okinawa was part of the Ryukyu kingdom, from which World Heritage Site Shuri Castle is a remnant.


The cuisine of Okinawa, refined through the ages, brings out the best of local ingredients and helps make its people among the healthiest and longest living in the world. Renowned dishes range from braised pork rafute that was originally royal court cuisine to home-style chanpuru (stir-fried tofu, vegetables and meat or fish). Of course, Okinawan cuisine is most delicious when enjoyed in Okinawa.

Due to American influence, Okinawans also love beefsteak. Locals enjoy beefsteak with their last drink of the evening and many eat it a few times a week. So there are many affordable yet delicious steak houses for locals that also attract tourists. One of Okinawa’s most famous steak houses is near Hotel Gracery Naha, a great place to stay and experience Okinawa’s delicious cuisine, warm weather and warm hospitality.



■ Hotel Gracery Naha (Okinawa)
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