Japanese summer festivals

Lively festivals are held throughout Japan every summer. Many take place on old lunar calendar dates, reflecting their origin as gatherings to pray for lost souls or protection against epidemics. Most summer festivals are held in July or August of the old solar calendar and are filled with people of all ages enjoying the food stalls, night markets, bon odori dances, fireworks and mikoshi portable shrines. Larger festivals may also include dashi floats and hayashi performers.
Every region has its own summer festivals that attract Japanese and foreign visitors. The three most famous are the Owari Tsushima Tenno Matsuri in Aichi, Gion Matsuri in Kyoto and Tenjin Matsuri in Osaka. Standout summer festivals in the Tohoku region include the Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori, Tanabata Festival in Sendai and Kanto Matsuri in Akita.

When attending summer festivals, many Japanese wear yukata (traditional summer kimono) to stay cool in the heat. Yukata have also recently become fashionable among foreign visitors because they are so colorful, easy to wear and traditionally Japanese.
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