Japanese moon viewing up north in Hakone

Japanese call the mid-September full moon “Jugoya” (the 15th night) and consider it the most beautiful of the year. In the past, they celebrated the autumn harvest on this day by offering dumplings and sake to gods in the moonlight. Today they mainly admire the beauty of moon.
At Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu, every room features an open-air hot spring bath and some rooms are best situated for guests to relax in the healing waters while gazing at the moon. There is also a special moon viewing room at Soba Kihinkan Restaurant, a national Tangible Cultural Property on the premises.

While staying in Hakone, why not try traditional handicrafts like pottery and geometric marquetry, join guided walking tours of Hakone’s best kept secrets, enjoy water sports on Lake Ashinoko near Mount Fuji and more. Our front receptionist will be happy to provide details.

■ Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu
For details, visit: https://www.hakone-tenyu.com/en-gb
■ Soba Kihinkan (Hakone)
For details, visit: https://www.hakone-tenyu.com/en-gb/restaurant1

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