Immerse yourself in Zen

Zen is a school of Buddhism that emphasizes seated meditation and understanding oneself.
Much of Japanese culture, including tea ceremonies and martial arts, was deeply influenced by Zen – which was mainly practiced by Zen Buddhist monks in the past, but is now widely practiced by people around the world to release stress.

Experience the healing power of Zen at newly opened Hakujukan Hotel in Fukui Prefecture, which arranges for guests to enjoy morning Zen activities at nearby Eiheiji Temple, the main temple of Zen Buddhism’s Soto school.
Hotel guests can also flexibly enjoy the expert Zen guidance of an Eiheiji-trained Zen concierge during their stay, as well as Buddhist vegetarian cuisine prepared under the direction of Eiheiji Temple for total mind-clearing Zen immersion.

■ Eiheiji Hakujukan (Fukui)
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