Hokkaido. Winter sports paradise.

Dry snow begins falling as early as late October in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost main island, making it a paradise for winter sports.
Among Hokkaido’s nearly 100 ski resorts, the most famous are in Niseko where vast slopes covered in light powder attract skiers from all over the world.

Tourists seeking skiing enjoyment with minimal fuss choose Sapporo ski resorts only about 20 to 30 minutes by car from Sapporo Station. You can sightsee in the morning and ski in the evening, or ski throughout the day and enjoy city attractions at night including Hokkaido’s gourmet cuisine.
Hotel Gracery Sapporo is only about a minute from Sapporo Station via underground walkway that keeps you and your luggage dry. It is also near the Sapporo Snow Festival where snow and ice sculptures thrill visitors every February. We hope to see you there!

■ Hotel Gracery Sapporo
For details, visit: https://sapporo.gracery.com/

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