Fujita Kanko Opens Halal Japanese Restaurant Origami Asakusa in Tokyo

■The company intends to attract the increasing Muslim visitors in Japan
July 11, 2018, Tokyo – Leading Japanese hospitality company Fujita Kanko Inc. announced that it will open Origami Asakusa, a halal Japanese restaurant, on July 25th in Asakusa, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo.
According to the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the number of Muslim visitors to Japan has been rising significantly in recent years. The growth is especially apparent with Malaysian visitors as well as Indonesian visitors, which grew 30% from 2016 to 2017. In a survey conducted before arriving in Japan, a majority of Muslim visitors expressed a keen interest in trying Japanese foods in Japan. Yet Japanese restaurants that cater to halal populations are still extremely limited.
“We are thrilled to meet the needs of Muslim tourists,” said Akira Segawa, President & CEO of Fujita Kanko. “We are excited that Japanese food has gained global popularity, and as a leading hospitality company, we want to make sure that all international visitors fully enjoy Japan and savor authentic Japanese foods.” Fujita Kanko intends to expand their halal food expertise and eventually apply it to their dining and catering business at their hotels around Japan.

At Origami, dishes will be prepared with halal ingredients including popular Japanese beef, wagyu, certified by the Japan Muslim Association. Chefs are specifically trained and master halal cooking rules. The authentic Japanese menu includes various Japanese beef dishes such as shabushabu and nabe. Vegetarian dishes are also available. A private room accommodates parties of eight. The restaurant is equipped with prayer rooms and Wudu facilities. A diversified team will offer attentive customer service.
Origami’s prime location, a two-minute walk from Asakusa subway station, is strategically chosen since almost all international tourists visit Asakusa for sightseeing. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. For more information, visit: https://www.origami-asakusa.jp/en/
Fujita Kanko will also open a new hotel, Hotel Gracery Asakusa this fall.

About Fujita Kanko
Fujita Kanko Inc., established in 1955, is a publicly-traded tourism industry corporation headquartered in Tokyo. In addition to its core hospitality business, the company operates wedding and banquet facilities, high-end resorts, leisure facilities and related services. It has 70 properties/facilities, including its five-star flagship, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, and 35 mid-priced hotels throughout Japan in the Hotel Gracery and Washington Hotels groups.

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