Escape to nature in Nagasaki’s Goto Islands

Around 100km west of Nagasaki Port in southwestern Kyushu lie the Goto Islands. This archipelago of 140 or so islands, designated part of Saikai National Park, boasts a rich natural environment with varied terrain including natural beaches, wave-eroded cliffs and volcanic landscapes.
Along the west coast of the islands, the warm Black Current of the East China Sea flows south to north supporting vibrant coral reefs, colorful marine life and numerous popular diving and fishing grounds. At night, the skies fill with stars to provide breathtaking views and enduring memories.

You can experience extraordinary natural beauty at Nordisk Village Goto Islands, Asia's first Scandinavian-style glamping facility, on the archipelago’s main island, Fukue. Various outdoor and cultural activities can also be enjoyed in the surrounding wilderness and small towns. The islands feature beautiful Catholic churches that were built in the 18th century and registered as World Heritage Sites last year along with other churches in Nagasaki Prefecture. It’s a unique part of Japan you will never forget.

■ Nordisk Village Goto Islands (Nagasaki)
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