Cherry blossom viewing in Japan

Cherry trees bloom all over Japan from the end of March to April. Since ancient times, Japanese have adored the transient beauty of these blossoms that last for a week or two before scattering to the wind. Crowds gather beneath the trees while the flowers are in bloom to delight in their beauty while feasting with friends and family. Once a hobby of the nobility, this “hanami” custom is now common among the masses, who continue the tradition of celebrating with good manners.

There are numerous varieties of cherry trees in Japan, including over 100 in the wild, with petals of diverse shapes that bloom at different times. The most popular is Yoshino, which first blooms in the south and gradually blooms northward all the way to Hokkaido over a one-month period. Since cherry trees bloom at slightly different times every year, revelers set hanami dates based on last-minute blooming forecasts.

For an unforgettable hanami experience, we recommend staying at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo and enjoying the 120 or so blooming cherry trees of 20 varieties in its gardens or visiting Taiko-en in Osaka to view the cherry blossoms in its gardens and nearby renowned viewing sites.


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