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From January 15, 2020, new members cards will no longer be issued and registration for membership will only be conducted online. Existing cards will remain valid.

Get a free Fujita Kanko Group Members Card for big discounts!

The members card entitles you to special member rates at our hotels.

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Just input your name and birth date.
(A QR code on your My Page will serve as your members card.)
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Enjoy guaranteed best rates at our hotels
Receive a better rate than from any other site or service by reserving a room through the hotel’s official website and logging in with your members card number.
Earn points redeemable for discounts
Collect points every time you rent a room, enjoy a meal or make a purchase at Fujita Kanko Group hotels or facilities. Then redeem the points for discounts.
Extend your checkout time 1 hour for free
Enjoy an extra hour of relaxation whenever you stay at our hotels* by showing your members card and requesting an extension when you check in.
*Washington Hotel, Hotel Gracery and Hotel Fujita hotels only. Based on availability. Not in combination with other extensions.
Use your smartphone as a members card
For convenience, you can use your smartphone instead of the members card by showing the QR code displayed on your exclusive "My Page".

How to Collect Fujita Kanko Points

The more Points you collect, the more Points you can earn per 100 yen spent.

Members who collect 4,000 or more Basic Points (rank-applicable points) in one year (spending 100,000 yen or more) will get more Points per 100 yen spent the next year. Members who collect 20,000 or more Basic Points (spending 500,000 yen or more) will get even more Points per 100 yen spent the next year.
* If you do not show your membership card or QR code for member identification, points will not be added.

Collect 3,999 or fewer Points
Receive 4 Points for every 100 yen spent the next year
Collect between 4,000 and 19,999 Points
Receive 5 Points (4 rank-applicable points + 1 non-applicable point) for every 100 yen spent the next year
Collect 20,000 or more Points
Receive 6 Points (4 rank-applicable points + 2 non-applicable points) for every 100 yen spent the next year