Double the clouds: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo gets an ‘ultimate’ summer refresh

The luxury urban resort is debuting its ‘Ultimate Sea of Clouds’ and other summer events July 3, 2023.

TOKYO, June 20, 2023 – Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo announces its summer-long event, the Ultimate Sea of Clouds, launching Monday, July 3rd. Visitors can take a break from the summer heat and refresh in the hotel’s traditional Japanese garden, where the award-winning Tokyo Sea of Clouds will have twice the amount of mist as usual.

The Tokyo Sea of Clouds debuted in 2020 as part of the first phase of the hotel’s Garden Project, a series of projects created to celebrate the hotel’s 70th anniversary. In 2023, it made its mark globally when the "Tokyo Sea of Clouds and the Seven Seasons" won the Urban/Landscape Architecture category of the iF Design Awards, one of the world's oldest and most prestigious design awards.

At regular intervals throughout the day, the entire garden is shrouded in mist, creating an effect that is usually only seen from mountaintops under certain weather conditions. The sea of clouds is such a rare view that it is considered a miracle to witness it even once. With double the amount of mist, this summer’s Ultimate Sea of Clouds takes it up a notch, making the garden even more alive and dynamic than usual.

Also on display from July 3rd is ‘wind chime alley,’ where approximately 300 Edo-style wind chimes will be arranged along a pathway in the garden, immersing guests in the sounds of summer. In addition, the hotel is hosting a competition where Ultimate Sea of Clouds-themed sweets will go head-to-head in a friendly battle.

The hotel is also preparing a special dessert for the occasion. The Lemon Tokyo Sea of Clouds Zuccotto comprises a ricotta cheese-based cassata cream that is wrapped in a fluffy white sponge, topped with cloud-like Chantilly cream, and finished with powdered sugar. It is available for purchase at the hotel shop or as part of the dinner course at Il Teatro.

You can see more information about the Ultimate Sea of Clouds and related events on the hotel website or on their YouTube channel.


About Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is one of the city’s most iconic luxury hotels with 70 years of history. The property includes 267 guest rooms/suites, nine restaurants, 38 meeting/banquet rooms, and a full-service spa with a Japanese onsen. Its award-winning garden has a wide variety of botanicals, including more than 100 cherry trees and 1,000 camellia trees. The standout feature of the garden is the ‘Tokyo sea of clouds,’ a recreation of the natural phenomenon that can usually only be found in the mountainous regions of Japan. The hotel is owned and managed by Fujita Kanko Inc., a publicly-traded tourism industry corporation headquartered in Tokyo.

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