Privacy Policy

Our group companies* including Fujita Kanko Inc. (hereafter collectively referred to as “The Group”) , recognize the corporate obligation to appropriately handle our customers’ personal information, and along with the established rules for the handling of personal information, work to appropriately use it while observing all relevant laws and guidance related to the protection of said personal information.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

The Group may acquire personal information directly from customers, from the family, friends, and acquaintances of customers, as well as from publicly available information.

2. The Purposes of Using Personal Information

The Group will use personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes, and will not use personal information for any other purpose unless prior consent has been given.

  • (1) The Group uses personal information to provide services to our customers and for related matters including correspondence related to use of the operating facilities of The Group such as wedding, banquet and restaurant facilities, accommodations, leisure facilities, golf courses, etc. (hereafter collectively referred to as “Business Facilities”) , correspondence, shipping of goods, and price calculations.
  • (2) The Group uses personal information to deliver notices and surveys on The Group’s operations and Business Facilities.
  • (3) The Group may use personal information for computerized statistics and analysis in order to improve, enhance, develop, and track the use of the Business Facilities, products, and services of The Group.
  • (4) The Group may use personal information for the management and operation of each membership organization of The Group (membership organizations serving Fujita Kanko Group Members Card holders and other member card holders, Wisterian Life club members, Club Fujita members, couples who had wedding ceremonies at Fujita Kanko properties, etc.) as well as for offering services to its members and for matters related to the offering of these services.

3. Providing and Sharing Personal Information

  • (1) The Group will not, except as required by laws or regulations, disclose or provide acquired personal information to any third party without the consent of the customer.
  • (2) The Group may entrust the handling of personal information to a third party doing work within the scope of the purposes of use, but when entrusting the handling of Personal Information to any third party, The Group selects third parties which have a sufficient standard of personal information protection, and guards the level of protection by contract with the trustee ensuring appropriate use.
  • (3) The Group will share Personal Information within The Group to offer enhanced and better services to its customers
    • ① Personal Information Items Shared:
      Customer names, addresses, gender, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, birth dates, employer information, use history with The Group, wedding anniversaries, and family information
    • ② The scope of personal information sharing: Within The Group*
    • ③ Purposes of shared use within The Group: Same as 2. above
    • ④ Person in charge of management: General Managing Director

4. About Privacy Inquiries

In order to respond to customer inquiries related to personal information possessed by The Group, The Group has created a dedicated service desk and will respond to inquiries in a straightforward and reasonable way to the extent necessary. For all requests related to disclosure, corrections, and suspension of use of personal information, other questions related to personal information use, or other feedback, please contact the service desk below. It should be noted that there might be fixed fees associated with disclosure or other requests.

<For Inquiries Related to Personal Information>

Fujita Kanko Inc.
General Affairs Department
2-10-8 Sekiguchi, Bukyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 112-8664

5. About Safe Management of Personal Information

  • (1) The Group endeavors to maintain accurate and updated personal information to the extent necessary for the purposes of use, and implements the appropriate security measures in recognition of the risks of unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, or leakage of personal information.
  • (2) The Group works to make improvements and updates from time to time in order to maintain the internal system for the protection of personal information.

Revised on June 1, 2016
Fujita Kanko Inc.

*Group Companies
Noto Kogyo Kaihatsu Inc., Fujita Green Service Inc., Fujita Kanko Kouei Inc., Fujita Property Management Inc., Fujita Resort Development Co., Ltd., Fujita Kanko Washington Hotel Asahikawa Kabushiki Kaisha, Fairton Corporation, WHG Nishinihon Inc., Reservation Service Inc., Urawa Washington Hotel Inc., Ito Resort Service Inc., Toba Resort Service Inc., Sapporo Washington Hotel Inc., Shimoda Aqua Service Inc., WHG Kansai Inc., WHG Service Inc., Fukui Washington Hotel Service Inc., Visualife Co., Ltd., Fujita Kanko (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd., WHG Korea Inc., Taiko-en Inc., Taiwan Fujita Kanko Inc.

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